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Pallet trucks are versatile pieces of machinery which could be great investments for your site. They are perfect for shifting pallet loads of materials from place to place without having to bring in a forklift or load-all. They make manual handling for you and your workers safer and more efficient.

A pallet truck has two front wheels in the ends of its forks beneath where the pallet sits, and two back wheels attached to the mechanical housing in the rear. A hydraulic jack operated by a lever behind lifts the forks and manoeuvres the pallet truck.

According to the Labour Force Survey employers in 2015 and 2016 lost around 4.5 million pounds due to workplace injury. Manual handling injuries account for a large proportion of these. Health and Safety guidelines suggest minimising lifting and manual handling by investing in mechanical aids. A useful example of this is the pallet truck.

Manual pallet trucks can lift up to around 2000kg, making them a handy addition to your yard. That means that tasks that might take one person several trips can be done in one, cutting down on labour costs. They also minimise injury risks in the workplace.

Electric pallet trucks can carry up to roughly 3500kg, making them true site workhorses. These trucks are great for transporting heavy loads where a dumper or forklift might be too big or too expensive. Many models also offer a lift function, so you can get your materials or goods to other levels without risky ladder transitions. Pallet trucks can help make loads inside vehicles more efficient too, by organising pallets inside them. Useful if you’re using a flatbed or have an articulated lorry arranged for transport.

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